A Royal visit at Auping Bv Netherlands

Innovative companies are now-a-days seeking to enhance their complete customer journey, using ingenious technologies, as well as tackling the environmental impact of their business activities.

What if you could combine both of them: sustainable technology that enhances your customer journey, by engaging your customers in activities that are close to your company’s heart?

The potential of the Resortecs joining techniques to captivate  your customer with your quest towards responsible production, has been  fervently discussed with the Dutch company Royal Auping Bv.

Next to pre-enabling circular economic practices, Resortecs joining methods make eco-tech visible. It helps you as a company to instruct and inform your customer about your corporate social responsible actions, which often tend to remain in back-office and unknown to the outside world.

It was an exciting visit and a pleasure to be among this global leader with a soft spot for circular economy.


mattress, auping, circular economy, jointechnix, regeneration
Different materials e.g. cotton, polyester, metal springs, and different foams are all combined to offer you the best sleeping comfort. Unfortunately this wonderful product ends up being a recycling-enigma.

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