RESORTECS @ Retour Matras

The Resortecs stitching technique can be used in mattresses, to facilitate the disassembly process and recycling at end-of-life. What better place to discuss Resortecs and it’s relevance than Retour Matras?

Retour Matras bv. is a Dutch company specialised in recycling used mattresses.  It has a full automatic disassembly line, as well as a manual disassembly point for the bad softies, that are glued together and need a hands-on treatment.


The mattress is opened with a robotic saw system, the sleeve is separated from the core, the springs are shredded – ready to be re-melted – and the foams are cut and pressed together in bales and used as raw material for (acoustic) insulation sheets.

The Resortecs stitch technique would be extremely effective in the further disassembly and end-of-life treatment of the mattress sleeves. Those are made of 3 different fabric and foam layers, that are quilted or stitched together. Those wonderful materials often end their lifecycle in the flames of incinerators, as dismantling and further recycling them is currently too costly.

By understanding, next to the manufacturing industry, also the functioning of the waste-management industry, Resortecs is able to further strengthen its business model and offer. Let’s save fabric form inferno.

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