rebirth:: unspun x resortecs collaboration

Resortecs and unspun partner to transform the way jeans are made and reduce their environmental impact up to 50%.

Typically garments are worn and then disposed of in various, often detrimental ways. Recycling is still one of the biggest obstacles in the fashion industry. Game changing ideas are necessary to give old garments a new life instead of ending up in a landfill. Resortecs saw that the most difficult part of disassembling jeans is removing the seams, buttons, or labels from garments for reuse. unspun is in business to flip the fashion paradigm through automated and intentional manufacturing. Thanks to Resortec’s dissolvable stitching thread, unspun is one step closer to closing the fashion gap.

At unspun, there’s no inventory. Garments are made on-demand when they’re wanted. The next step in their sustainability mission is to know that garments won’t be landfilled if they’re no longer wanted. Any garments made with Resortec’s stitching thread will be easily reusable. If you want to change your style you can. If you change shape, the same fabric can be used on another garment. 

Why does this matter so much? Every year 32M trucks of textiles are wasted globally. Current waste management systems are inefficient and a major source of pollution. Wasted material is transformed into CO2 emissions. However, the demand for new material is growing to meet industrial needs. This results in increasing greenhouse gasses, depletion of resources and land exploitation – putting local communities and the planet in jeopardy. Fast fashion’s business model is built on overproduction and low-quality textile products. This market dynamic results in 15%-35% of unsold inventory to end up in incineration yards. Luckily, mass manufacturing and fast fashion are slowly fading into the background, but there’s a lot of damage that’s been done to our planet through these practices. 

The dissolvable stitching thread will help reduce water consumption, land transformation, use of fertilizer and the release of hazardous waste by simply saving more than half of the raw material sourced from recycled clothing. When adopted at larger scale and in cooperation with recycling companies, this solution will have an even bigger positive socio-economic impact on local communities worldwide – especially those affected by overproduction.

The production and disposal of a pair of jeans can easily emit 28kg of CO2. With unspun’s 3D weaving technology and on-demand production, paired with Resortec’s dissolvable stitching thread, we can reduce that number to 13kg of CO2. Cyclical production that considers the entire lifecycle of a garment is the way of the future. The only way.

The world’s first commercially available digitally-fitted jeans paired with dissolvable thread will be presented to a select group of industry leaders and press on November 22. The greater public is welcome to visit Rebirth’s pop-up store at Soho Yard G/F, 19 Old Bailey Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong.

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