Resortecs wins Textirama Award


In Kortrijk, Textirama presented for the first time their Innovation Awards for the textile sector. These cash prizes for young people who have developed a very innovative idea or project help to adjust an old-fashioned image of the sector and to encourage young people to work with textiles.

Resortecs wins 40,000 euros for the development of a very special type of yarn. When the yarn is warmed up, it melts and the garment simply falls apart. And that is important for recycling.

“We really need to produce even more types of yarn that can be used for different applications. And then we have to start working on the dismantling lines, where we can dismantle garments on a large scale. We have a plan for that; We have to apply for subsidies and now it is first to raise some extra money.”

25 young people have submitted projects and ideas for the first awards. And Textirama is also launching a new call for the 2020 awards, which will be handed out early next year.

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