denim CEVA3394


resortecs makes it possible to answer the growing demand for high-quality recycled textile materials.A pair of classic denim jeans with a relaxed offline fit for ultimate offline activity.

This raw denim fabric is very low in stretch. These jeans will conform with your body, your lifestyle.

This garment is part of a circular supply chain enabled by resortecs® and will therefore be taken care of at end-of-life.
Product detailslow waist-rise, rolled hem/ cuff, white thread, 4 functional pockets.

season FW2019

Material Composition

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Fabric: /by candiani denim

  • 98%_better cotton initiative [bci] cotton
  • 2%_elastane

other ingredients:

  • YKK hardware, zip fly with button closure
    • eco-finish metal button: 90% metal consumption reduced.
    • natulon® zipper: 30% recycled material from post-consumer polyester products.
  • white resortecs® heat-dissolvable sewing thread of 100%_bio-sourced nylon.
  • pocketing made from 2 recycled plastic bottles.
Wash & Care

Wash with the ‘cold’ setting on your washing machine. Washing at cold temperatures (30 degrees or below) will preserve the color and quality of your jeans as well as our planet.

_machine wash cold

_do not bleach

_line dry in shade

_cool iron if necessary — resortecs® thread seams can stand up to 170°C / 320°F.

_dry cleanable

Wash less! Jeans are a durable fabric that’s made for multiple wears. Only wash when absolutely necessary with like colors.
Only machine dry your jeans once for a tighter fit. Otherwise, line or hang dry every time to conserve energy and lengthen the lifecycle of your jeans.


End-of-life with resortecs®

This product has been engineered for efficient recycling. It is made with resortecs® heat-dissolvable stitching thread.
By heating up the garment briefly at 205°C the seams will dissappear. This allows to seperate automatically the different materials and make both repairing and recycling a breeze. Thanks to Resortecs® we can cuts the need to produce fabric from scratch.

Stitch by stitch, Resortecs® brings new life to old fashion.

How does resortecs® work?

 Fed up with this garment? In need of repair? Or is the garment worn out? Return this product to the brand and resortecs® will dismantle the garment, sort the different materials and make sure all components are revalorised in the most optimal way. 

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How sustainable is resortecs®’ process?

Thanks to resortecs®, DENIM BRAND has been able to reduce 46% of the CO2 emmisions of this denim compared to the original product made with classic stitching threads and virgin material.
The details of the environmental footprint can be found in the following life cycle assessment (LCA) white paper.