Circular transition data and assessments

It is hard to take well-informed sustainability decisions, as there is a lack of quantified data to base your strategy on.

Resortecs®’ circular transition assessments combines Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) with financial modelling (P&L).
The outcome is a road map that helps you make well informed decisions to reach your sustainability targets, coupled with economic success.

Get in touch with Rawaa to know how much you can save by implementing circular economy practices in your supply chain.

picture rawaa_website_blackwhiteRawaa Ammar is Resortecs®’ sustainability manager and holds a Ph.D in Earth and Environmental Sciences from University of Brussels (ULB, Belgium). She has more than 9 years of experience in scientific research, fieldwork and environmental risk assessment. Her research was focused on anthropogenic pollution, remediation, heavy metals impurities, Fe biogeochemistry in ocean and the link to atmospheric CO2 emissions. Rawaa is a visiting professor at the Lebanese University (Beirut).