Yes!Delft Validation Lab comes to an end

From Oktober 2017 Resortecs has been engaged in the validation lab program of the Tech-Incubator Yes!Delft. Major milestones, such as refining the customer target and value proposition, have been accomplished during the program. We are happy to be part of the Yes!Delft community and will continue to cross the border to meet with our entrepreneurial Dutch [...]

RESORTECS @ fashion week Madrid

Today I pitched  the RESORTECS value propositions and techniques at the Madrid "Smart  = Slow Fashion" conference. The pitch was held during the presenation "Designing the future: Smart Fashion & Sustainability" which was organised by the Slow Fashion World founder Mariel Jumpa and the Swedish SFW Changemaker Susana Nakatani. The second edition of the "Smart [...]


Resortecs has been invited to present its technical solutions for Circular economy at the 'resourceful conference' of the 2018 'Rushlight show' in London. The Rushlight show is held in association with LCRN and the Circular Economy Club. The conference focuses on all aspects of resource flows, sharing and reuse, including key participants in the circular [...]


On February 14, 2018 YES!Delft hosts the third edition of Meet the Startups. A day dedicated to making valuable connections and showcasing the most promising innovations of YES!Delft companies. Resortecs is one of featured start-ups. View the pitch videos of all attending startups & scale-ups, including their call to action, to see who you want [...]

€55.000 RAISED FOR R&D

€55.000 have been raised with the support of Winwinner. This capital will complement the previously granted €49.666 subsidy of the Flemish governmental agency of innovation and entrepreneurship (VLAIO/IWT). The total budget will be used for IP and further R&D on smart joining techniques for easy recycling in fashion and furniture.


Resortecs is proud to announce you it has been selected for the final round of the Bizidee businessplan contest. Next week the 8 finalists are invited to Leuven to pitch and defend their business proposal in front of the 21 headed expert panel. On 19/12/2017, at the final event in Antwerp,  the winner of the [...]


Resortecs got green light to enter the "Start it @KBC" community and incubator. It will  enable Resortecs to swap experiences with other start-ups and receive tailored coaching from experts. Together with Accenture, Flanders DC, Cronos and Mobile Vikings, KBC is offering Start It @kbc. An incubator that not only gives start-ups, for at least 1 [...]

Room with a Rotterdam view

Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship - Jointechnix

As described in the previous (kick-off) post, The YES!Delft launch lab starts with 4 courses that are organized in association with the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship. Last Monday - October the 9th -  the first course in business case validation took place in the Science tower close to the Rotterdam Harbor. The sessions are a nice recapitulation [...]

Vlerick Venture Sounding Board

Resortecs has been pitching at the Vlerick business school. A panel of experts (W. Mastelinck, M. Meulemann and Y. Dillen) commented the start-up case with a business approach. Revenue streams and the potential killer application have been discussed as well as the short term need for pilots and use cases. Resortecs is still seeking to [...]