Resortecs is proud to announce you it has been selected for the final round of the Bizidee businessplan contest. Next week the 8 finalists are invited to Leuven to pitch and defend their business proposal in front of the 21 headed expert panel. On 19/12/2017, at the final event in Antwerp,  the winner of the [...]


Resortecs got green light to enter the "Start it @KBC" community and incubator. It will  enable Resortecs to swap experiences with other start-ups and receive tailored coaching from experts. Together with Accenture, Flanders DC, Cronos and Mobile Vikings, KBC is offering Start It @kbc. An incubator that not only gives start-ups, for at least 1 [...]

Room with a Rotterdam view

Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship - Jointechnix

As described in the previous (kick-off) post, The YES!Delft launch lab starts with 4 courses that are organized in association with the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship. Last Monday - October the 9th -  the first course in business case validation took place in the Science tower close to the Rotterdam Harbor. The sessions are a nice recapitulation [...]

Vlerick Venture Sounding Board

Resortecs has been pitching at the Vlerick business school. A panel of experts (W. Mastelinck, M. Meulemann and Y. Dillen) commented the start-up case with a business approach. Revenue streams and the potential killer application have been discussed as well as the short term need for pilots and use cases. Resortecs is still seeking to [...]

H&M Global Change Award

Resortecs participates at the H&M Global change award! Please cross some candles, burn your fingers and pray... Euh... I mean... burn thousands of candles, pray every night and cross all the fingers you have - Resortecs appreciates it a lot! The Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make [...]

Resortecs goes Delft – yes!

After having passed the two previous rounds, I went last monday to Yes!Delft to pitch the Resortecs startup.  Today I am happy to announce you that Resortecs has been accepted for the 4th step: the Yes!Delft validation lab. Starting October the 5th, during the 13 weeks of intensive business development and further customer validation, the [...]