H&M Global Change Award

Resortecs participates at the H&M Global change award! Please cross some candles, burn your fingers and pray... Euh... I mean... burn thousands of candles, pray every night and cross all the fingers you have - Resortecs appreciates it a lot! The Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make [...]

Resortecs goes Delft – yes!

After having passed the two previous rounds, I went last monday to Yes!Delft to pitch the Resortecs startup.  Today I am happy to announce you that Resortecs has been accepted for the 4th step: the Yes!Delft validation lab. Starting October the 5th, during the 13 weeks of intensive business development and further customer validation, the [...]

RESORTECS @ Renewi (Van Gansewinkel)

Van Gansewinkel, which recently re-branded as Renewi after fusing with the Shanks Group plc, is the market leader in the Benelux countries in waste management and recycling. Their ‘Waste No More’ vision encapsulates perfectly what they and Resortecs are trying to achieve every day. Van Gansewinkel group is currently not intensively active in textile/fashion recycling, [...]

RESORTECS @ Retour Matras

The Resortecs stitching technique can be used in mattresses, to facilitate the disassembly process and recycling at end-of-life. What better place to discuss Resortecs and it's relevance than Retour Matras? Retour Matras bv. is a Dutch company specialised in recycling used mattresses.  It has a full automatic disassembly line, as well as a manual disassembly [...]


Last month, as described in the previous post, I went to Brussels to defend the feasibility grant demand (IWT haalbaarheidstudie subsidie). Today Resortecs is proud to announce you to have received the wonderful news it has been accepted! The grant of 49K€ will allow regeneration bvba to further develop the Resortecs offer with its beloved [...]

Call for partners Vlaanderen-Circulair

Resortecs is investigating the application of  "open-call circularie stad en ondernemen" of the Vlaanderen Circulair initiative. As circulair economy can only be achieved by working together with all the stake holders of the complete supply chain, Resortecs is looking for partners who want to join a research project including stitching techniques for circular economy. Are [...]


RESORTECS participates at the Climate Action Challenge. The Climate Action Challenge is a new global design competition calling on the creative community to submit bold, innovative solutions to combat the impacts of climate change. The Challenge is organized by What Design Can Do (WDCD) and its main partners, IKEA Foundation and Autodesk Foundation.  The shortlist will be [...]

Resortecs goes Brussels

Today I went to Brussels to discuss and defend my subsidy demand (IWT haalbaarheidsstudie // Department of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Flemish government). One month ago I handed in a 30 page document requesting a research grant.  A grant which is required to finance partially the needed research and further develop the Resortecs stitching technique. [...]

This was RESORTECS info DRINX n°1

The first two RESORTECS DRINX  were a success. Friends, family, colleagues entrepreneurs and designers have all been present to get a full exposé of the re-generation bvba start-up and the RESORTECS techniques. Comments, critiques, questions and ideas were shared and discussed. All pointing to the same direction: making of RESORTECS a success story. No worries [...]