rebirth:: dissolvable thread jeans

manual disassembly of a garment for textile recycling

Resortecs and unspun partnered-up to transform the way jeans are made and reduce their environmental impact up to 50%*.

The production and disposal of a pair of jeans can easily emit 28kg of CO2. By pairing unspun’s on-demand production, with Resortecs’ dissolvable and circular stitching thread, this number is reduced today by 27%*.

By further expansion and development of unspun’s and resortecs’ activities – including unspun’s 3D weaving machine and resortecs’ dismantling line – emissions will enventually be reduced to 13kg of CO2 / pair of jeans produced*.

The denim industry is as of now one step closer to closing the loop.

*based on in-house executed LCA, by resortecs’ environmental scientist (Phd) with the eco-invent database, compairing the production and end-of-life of fast-fashion denim pants to unspun’s dissolvable thread jeans .