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RESORTECS® is a registered brand of REGENERATION BVBA.

The corporate purpose of REGENERATION BVBA (private company with limited liability) is to take care of the re-generation.
With regeneration we mean:

  1. Re-Generation (noun) the generation of people that should already live in a sustainable and circular society.
  2. Re-Generation (verb) the activity of reuse, recycle and repurpose, in other words circular economic practices.

REGENERATION BVBA ’s goal is to enable and facilitate the implementation of circular economy in today’s global society.

To ensure Circular Economy’s sustainable success, REGENERATION BVBA commits to the following activities:

  1. Technological: making circular economic practices technically and financially feasible, by engineering and producing joining methods for disassembly, using the opportunities of material science, chemistry and design engineering. REGENERATION BVBA ensures in this way the modularity and recyclability of products.
  2. Social: making circular economic practices popular and desirable, by designing circular economic lifestyle products and services. REGENERATION BVBA ensures in this way a market-fit for circular and sustainable products and services.


In short… With Resortecs®, regeneration bvba’s goal is to become an inspiring technology and solution provider of a multitude of unique methods that enhance product modularity, raise supply-chain efficiency and enable circular economy adoption in the textile and fashion industry at industrial scale.