• Resortecs’ thread does not require modifications in manufacturing or design. It is one of the simplest and most affordable ways for brands to advance towards product circularity.


  • For brands already on the path to circularity, Resortecs’ thread allows to optimise their processes and to recover more fabric (by getting rid of the hard points) but also to re-use adornments, high value material, zippers and buttons.


  • For brands always on the edge of technology, Resortecs’ innovative thread further strengthens their (circular) value proposition and brand image.


  • Resortecs’ dissolvable stitching thread enables brands to establish a longterm and positive connection with the local community, stakeholders and clients.


  • Resortecs’ thermo-dissolvable thread supports local circular textile recycling by allowing for easy disassembly of textiles (using an oven). The low dependency on manual labor allows for local recycling in areas with high labor costs.


  • Resortecs’ innovation provides the brands with an alternative source of material (the re-covered component) now locally sourced. At a macro scale, this local source of material offers the potential for stakeholders to reinforce Western’s based textile industry and develop a short supply chain model.


  • Resortecs’ dissolvable stitching thread allows for easy repair, which represents a major (manual) cost today.


  • The thread makes circular economy understandable to the general public through the unforgettable and visual character of disassembly (the storytelling potential). This makes it suitable as a means of communication for brands, media and governments to influence mentalities.


  • Resortec’s innovation does not limit the creativity of the designer and/or product developer.