Make It Circular Challenge: Resortecs wins the Make it Circular Challenge Award by What Design Can Do and IKEA Foundation. Click here to read more. | #CollabAlert: Resortecs and BekaertDeslee join forces to transform mattress cover recycling. Click here to read more. | Henry Van de Velde Awards: Resortecs wins the Ecodesign by OVAM Award. Click here to read more.

Innovative threads
and disassembly
for truly circular

Resortecs enables high-quality textile recycling on an industrial scale thanks to automatic garment disassembly.

Through targeted innovations in the way clothes are assembled, sorted, and disassembled, our solutions empower brands to rise to today’s environmental challenges at the pace and scale Earth needs.

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Simple at the beginning, revolutionary at the end – Resortecs closes the loop, stitch by stitch.

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Resortecs is 5x faster than traditional disassembly and makes it possible to recycle up to 90% of garments' original fabric:

  • Smart Stitch™, our heat-dissolvable stitching thread, enables brands to transform their products into recyclable pieces from the manufacturing stage.
  • Smart Disassembly™, our thermal disassembly system, allows recyclers to tap into higher volumes of premium material, processing millions of garments per year without quality loss.
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Combined with recycling, Resortecs halves CO₂ emissions and reduces textile waste by up to 80%.

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Ecodesign: make your products 100% designed for disassembly & recycling from the manufacturing stage.


Combined with recycling, active disassembly can reduce your products’ carbon footprint by up to 50%.


Get returns on your investments with as little as 15% of your collection recovered for disassembly & recycling. 

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Get access to 5x more textile input by joining the
Resortecs ecosystem.


Process premium fabrics at an 11% lower cost as a Resortecs Certified Partner.


Receive input and sell back high-quality fibers to a pool of 50 global leading fashion brands. 

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Achieve an ROI of 300% with payback in less than a year.


Get a net profit as high as €1.50 per garment.


Anticipate the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation: start now to be ready for 2025

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