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Brands assemble clothes with Smart Stitch™. This small step towards circularity requires no major technical adaptations.
Sorters and recyclers use Smart Disassembly™ to easily take apart multi-material garments when is time for recycling. This happens 5x faster than manual disassembly and without damaging the fibers as in mechanical disassembly.
Textile products made with Smart Stitch™ are designed for disassembly and, therefore, easier to recycle. All without compromising design or quality: garments can still be washed, ironed and tumble-dried.
Smart Stitch™ & Smart Disassembly™ ensure a 90% recyclability rate. Non-recyclable content (e.g.: zippers, buttons, or trims) are automatically removed without manual intervention.

Innovative threads
and disassembly
for truly circular

Resortecs provides design-for-disassembly solutions that enables high-quality textile recycling on an industrial scale.

Through targeted innovations in the way clothes are assembled and disassembled, Resortecs empowers brands, sorters and recyclers to rise to today’s environmental challenges at the pace and scale Earth needs.

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Resortecs is 5x faster than traditional disassembly and enables, on average, the recycling of up to 90% of a product's textile content:

Smart Stitch™, a range of 16 heat-dissolvable stitching threads, empowering brands to design textile products that are made to be unmade – easy to disassemble and recycle – at end of life.

Smart Disassembly™, the world's first thermal disassembly system, empowering sorters and recyclers to tap into higher volumes of textile material, eliminating trims that block recycling automatically, with no quality loss.

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Simple at the beginning, revolutionary at the end – Resortecs closes the loop, stitch by stitch.

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Resortecs’ ecodesign solution is 5x faster than traditional textile disassembly methods and makes it possible to recycle up to 90% of the original fabric material:

Smart Stitch™ — our range of 16 bio-based and synthetic heat-dissolvable stitching threads enable brands to create textile products designed for disassembly & recycling.
Smart Disassembly™ — our industrial thermal systems enable sorters and recyclers to separate different fabrics and automatically remove zippers, elastic bands and any other trims that hinder recycling without manual intervention.
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Combined with recycling, Resortecs halves CO₂ emissions and reduces textile waste by up to 80%.

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Make a profit by collecting as little as 9% of your initial production for disassembly & recycling.

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Earn a net profit of up to €29.72 per textile product.  

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Reduce your products’ carbon footprint by up to 50% by using Resortecs combined with recycling.

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Get rid of trims blocking textile recycling in a process 100% automatic, without any manual intervention.

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Benefit from a patented process that is 5x faster than manual disassembly.

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Recover up to 90% of a textile product for recycling (vs. an average of 50% manual or mechanical disassembly). 

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