disassembly of apparel made easy

Zippers and buttons make garment recycling complicated as the removal of such details calls for manual assistance, making the process both costly and time consuming.
Resortecs® solves this problem by supplying a thread that simply dissolves at a high temperature.

This stitching thread works double wonders – it makes both repairing and recycling a breeze.
When used for regular seams, the whole piece of clothing can easily be disassembled so that the fabric can be used over and over in new ways, cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch.

Stitch by stitch, Resortecs® brings new life to fashion.



rebirth:: dissolvable thread in action

Resortecs and unspun partnered-up to transform the way jeans are made and reduce their environmental impact up to 50%*.

The production and disposal of a pair of jeans can easily emit 28kg of CO2. By pairing unspun’s on-demand production, with Resortecs’ dissolvable stitching thread, we can reduce that number today with 27%*.

By further expanding and developping both of our activities – including unspun’s 3D weaving machine and resortecs’ dismantling line – we will enventually reduce the emissions to 13kg of CO2 / pair of jeans produced*.

The denim industry is as of now one step closer to closing the loop.

*based on in-house executed LCA, by resortecs’ environmental scientist (Phd) with the eco-invent database, compairing the production and end-of-life of fast-fashion denim pants to unspun’s dissolvable thread jeans .





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