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A technology so hot it will melt your mind.

Resortecs combined thermal engineering, industrial design, and chemical engineering to develop state-of-the-art solutions to close the loop in fashion.

Discover Smart Stitch™ and Smart Disassembly™: Resortecs' solution for multi-material disassembly in a fast, easy, and cost-efficient manner.

Welcome to sustainability’s next level: circularity.


Garments stitched with Smart Stitch™, our heat-dissolvable stitching threads, can be disassembled on an industrial scale thanks to Smart Disassembly™, our low-emissions thermal disassembly systems.

Combined, both innovations make it possible to recover up to 90% of clothing's fabric.

Smart Stitch™, full recyclability from day 1.

Smart Stitch™ can be bio-based or synthetic with melting points at 150°C, 170°C, or 190°C :

• Suitable for a variety of applications, from apparel to workwear.
• Exhaustively tested on various production line configurations.
• Compatible with every stitching machine widely available in the market.
• Different colors and tenacities, full creativity in design and high quality in manufacturing.

150C 170c 190C


Smart Disassembly™, efficient & sustainable by design.

Discover our impact

Smart Disassembly™ is the first industrial-scale thermal disassembly system in the world:

• Flexible capacity: from 1-13 tons/day.
• Processing speed: 5x faster than manual disassembly.
• Low-oxygen chambers: no risks of oxidation damages.
• Recyclability rates as high as 90%.
• Closed-loop heating system: maximizes energy recovery and minimizes CO₂ emissions.




Make your products 100% recyclable from the manufacturing stage.


Reduce your products’ carbon footprint by 50% and halve your CO₂ offsetting costs.


Switch from linear to circular production and save up to 15% in production costs.

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Get access to 5x more textile input by joining the
Resortecs ecosystem.


Process premium fabrics at an 11% lower cost as a Resortecs Certified Partner.


Receive input and sell back high-quality fibers to a pool of 30 global leading fashion brands. 

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Achieve an ROI of 300% with payback in less than a year.


Get a net profit as high as €1.50 per garment.


Anticipate the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation: start now to be ready for 2025

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