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Small change, big impact.

Fashion generates over 1.2 billion tons of CO₂ eq. per year. Every second, one truck full of textiles is wasted across the globe. Resortecs helps brands transition from linear to circular production. Textile products stitched with Smart Stitch™ and recycled after Smart Disassembly™ can have half the carbon impact other clothing generates. Don't take our word for it, check our externally reviewed Life Cycle Assessment figures.

A pair of jeans sewn on with Smart Stitch™ and recycled in a closed-loop way generates 50% less CO₂ eq. and 80% less textile waste.

Adopting Smart Disassembly™ ahead of recycling can reduce water usage by 3,500 L and free up to 4.5 m² of land for crop production when compared to traditional disassembly.


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Sustainability is a cost, Circularity is an investment.

Translated into business figures, adopting Smart Stitch™ and Smart Disassembly™ mean: reducing raw material loss by 50%, cutting CO₂ offsetting costs by 50%, and saving over € 0.50 per pair of jeans. If the European garment production share were thermally disassembled and recycled, the textile industry would generate 60.3 million fewer tons of CO₂ and save up to €2.3 billion per year.

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Resortecs: the common thread between sustainability & affordability.

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It's time to rewrite fashion's cycle in a circular way.

Smart Stitch™ and Smart Disassembly™ allow for the recovery of, on average, 90% of a textile product, compared to 45% and 60% in the case of less efficient manual and mechanical disassembly processes, respectively.

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Make a profit by collecting as little as 9% of your initial production for disassembly & recycling.

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Earn a net profit of up to €29.72 per textile product.  

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Reduce your products’ carbon footprint by up to 50% by using Resortecs combined with recycling.

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Get rid of trims blocking textile recycling in a process 100% automatic, without any manual intervention.

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Benefit from a patented process that is 5x faster than manual disassembly.

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Recover up to 90% of a textile product for recycling (vs. an average of 50% manual or mechanical disassembly). 

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