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Small change, big impact

Fashion generates over 1.2 billion tons of CO₂ eq. per year. Every second, one truck full of textiles is wasted across the globe.

Resortecs helps brands transition from linear to circular production. Clothes sewn on with Smart Stitch™ and recycled after Smart Disassembly™ have half the carbon impact other clothing generates.

Don't take our word for it, check our externally reviewed Life Cycle Assessment figures.

A pair of jeans sewn on with Smart Stitch™ and recycled in a closed-loop way generates 50% less CO₂ eq. and 80% less textile waste.

Adopting Smart Disassembly™ ahead of recycling can reduce water usage by 3,500 L and free up to 4.5 m² of land for crop production when compared to traditional disassembly.


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Resortecs: the common thread between sustainability & affordability.

Sustainability is a cost. Circularity is an investment.

Translated into business figures, the eco-impact metrics of adopting Smart Stitch™ and Smart Disassembly™ mean:

• Reducing raw material loss by 50%
• Cutting CO₂ offsetting costs by 50%
• Saving over € 0.50 per pair of jeans

If the European garment production share were thermally disassembled and recycled, the textile industry would generate 60.3 million fewer tons of CO₂ and save up to €2.3 billion per year.


Ecodesign: make your products 100% designed for disassembly & recycling from the manufacturing stage.


Combined with recycling, active disassembly can reduce your products’ carbon footprint by up to 50%.


Get returns on your investments with as little as 15% of your collection recovered for disassembly & recycling. 

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Get access to 5x more textile input by joining the
Resortecs ecosystem.


Process premium fabrics at an 11% lower cost as a Resortecs Certified Partner.


Receive input and sell back high-quality fibers to a pool of 50 global leading fashion brands. 

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Achieve an ROI of 300% with payback in less than a year.


Get a net profit as high as €1.50 per garment.


Anticipate the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation: start now to be ready for 2025

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When it comes to the planet, nothing beats recyclable.


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