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No, we just make it easy!

Resortecs is not a recycling company, we just make it easy on an industrial scale through design for disassembly, targeted innovations in the way clothes are made (and unmade). Resortecs works with selected recyclers as preferred partners, they are put in touch with brands adopting Smart Stitch™ and Smart Disassembly™ and join our circular ecosystem of brands, garment makers, and recyclers.


Yes, you can!

Clothes stitched with Smart Stitch™ can be washed, dried, and ironed normally. Our threads only melt at specific, high temperatures (150°C, 170°C and 190°C) which are way above the average maximum temperature washing and drying machines can reach. Our threads have successfully passed performance tests under the most severe conditions of washing and drying at industrial laundries. Customers are expected to follow the care instructions label on any product stitched with Smart Stitch.

No, thanks to Smart Disassembly™!

Smart Disassembly™, our thermal disassembly systems, have been specifically designed to allow fast, high-quality disassembly without compromising the quality of clothing. Our systems work with little to no oxygen in their chambers – ensuring that clothes won’t burn or oxidate despite the very high temperatures they are submitted to.

No, you can't!

Unlike Smart Disassembly™, our thermal disassembly systems, kitchen ovens are not specifically designed for processing textile. Using a kitchen oven to disassemble garments is strongly discouraged as it could not only damage clothing, it could also start a fire.

No, we don't!

We don’t collect old clothes – we just make sure that new ones can be easily taken apart when is time for recycling in the future. That said, Resortecs does encourage and support any initiative that extends the life cycle of clothing  – from repairing to second-hand shopping.

Different needs call for different threads!

Each thread is adapted to different kinds of fabric and usages – always focusing on the most optimal configuration to ensure quality, creativity, and flexibility from design to recycling. Curious to learn which thread is the best for your product? Get in touch with our Sales team.

No, you don't!

The beauty of Smart Stitch™ is that it doesn’t require any substantial changes in your current manufacturing processes. Our threads have been tested and work in most common and industrial stitching machines. It’s a plug & play solution that looks, feels, and performs exactly like any other high-quality polyester thread. Any potential adaptation required will be minor end closely followed by our team of engineers to make the process as smooth as possible.

Yes, it does!

Our threads come in multiple colors! Get in touch with our Sales team to learn more.